B-Side Coffee Co – we roast our own organic coffees which are also available for purchase in 12oz boxes or 2lb bags, whole bean or ground

Papua New Guinea Medium Roast, Colombian Sierra Nevada EP Medium Roast, Mexico Oaxaca Zapoteca Medium Roast, Guatemala Huehuetenango Dark Roast, Sumatra Mandehling Dark Roast, Mexican Blend Swiss Process Decaffeinated, Udaya Afro-Mayan Blend Light Roast

drip coffee…4

Papua New Guinea or Mexican Blend Decaf

cold brew…4.50

organic milks…cow, almond, coconut, oat

organic loose leaf teas…4

hangar b breakfast blend, earl grey, darjeeling, gunpowder green, chamomile, mint, hibiscus, lavender, fresh ginger

iced teas…4

darjeeling with mint/lemon, hibiscus lavender or fresh ginger

fresh squeezed orange juice…4

pellegrinos and flavored sodas…3

kids drinks..3 (horizon organic choc milk, juice boxes)

adult beverages…

must be 21+ with valid id

Ohza Mimosas: classic, bellini, mango or cranberry mimosa…8

Devil’s Purse Brewing Co

Handline Kolsch…8

Pollock Rip IPA…9

Canned Oregon Sparkling Rose…7

Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc…9

Shacksbury The Vermonter, dry gin botanicals cider...7