At Hangar B, value is a concept that is very important to us... the value of purchasing the very best ingredients available, the value of supporting our local economy and spending the money and time it takes to do so. But perhaps the most important value is that of our staff. Our kitchen staff, for example, is incredibly good at what they do and are valued accordingly for their work. I reject the idea that because someone works in the kitchen, whether it be cracking eggs, baking them into something wonderful or washing the pans and utensils necessary to do so, that they are inherently of less value than others on the team. We very thoughtfully price the items on our menu with these factors in mind. We do not cut corners on the products we use or the people that make it all happen. We most certainly do not inflate our prices, we do not change them based on the seasonality of our customers, and we do not simply create a price based on what people are willing to pay like many other industries would. We are a family. Hangar B supports 5 full time year round families with children in our school system and a vested interest in the care of this community. I refuse to pay someone we value, less than what they can reasonably be expected to live on in this special town that we all love. Americans have under valued food for a very long time. And in my opinion, by so doing have undervalued themselves. The way people think about food has changed radically over the years and for good reason. It is more commonly acknowledged now that investing in better quality food leads to a better quality life. Well the same is true for people. Paying a fair price for the services of those who prepare your food not only makes for better eating but also for a better place to live and visit. How can we assign value to a certain dish or product without respecting the value of the person who has grown, cooked or washed said dish.  -Tracy Shields, owner Hangar B LLC